Snaith and Cowick Drama Group

Snaith and Cowick Drama Group was created in 2006 by Snaith and Cowick Together after a community questionnaire found that a drama group was wanted in the area.

With little money, 10 members and a lot of support, the group performed Roald Dahl’s “James and the Giant Peach” within the year, at the Shire Hall in Howden.  The group now performs regularly at The Snaith School and aims to perform one major title a year. 

Anyone over the age of 11 can join, in whichever section they like.  

In 2012, the Drama Group became a registered member of ERVAS, which allows the group more access to funding and ensures its systems, procedures, and general operations are controlled to a defined standard.  Since this registration, the group has been able both to maintain its home at The Snaith School and to purchase further technical equipment to improve its performances.